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History of Buildings and sites


(Numbers refer to locations shown on the map)

1. Landport Gate – originally giving access to the fortified town.

2. 17th to 19th century houses in Lombard Street & St Thomas's Street.

3 Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral.

4. Former boat-building workshop of G A Feltham & Sons.

5. The Spice Island Inn & the Still & West Country House.

6. Quebec House – originally a bathing house, built in 1754.

7. Tower House, once the home of the famous marine artist W L Wyllie.

8. The Round Tower, the first part of the fortifications started c.1418

9. The Square Tower, part of the early defences built in 1494.

10. Ten Gun Battery.

11. The Saluting Platform

12. The only surviving part of the moat (originally moats surrounded Portsmouth)

13. Long Curtain, earthwork forming part of the fortifications.

14. King's Bastion (bastion at the end of Long Curtain)

15. Spur Redoubt (fortified structure outside the moat).

16. The Royal Garrison Church

17. Williamsgate, the original guardhouse to King William's Gate which stood here.

18. Buckingham House where the Duke of Buckingham was murdered in 1628.

19. A reconstruction of John Pounds workshop (behind the Unitarian Church )

20. The City Museum & Records Office.


(Keith Feltham, 2005)

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