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Planning Applications
STOP PRESS: Foopa Update on Lighting & Paving Renewal
Recent applications and decisions for Old Portsmouth. For more details of each application (including any decisions, etc) or to forward comments on the application by e-mail, click on this link for the Portsmouth Planning website, enter the Application Reference Number and click on 'search' at the bottom of the page.

*STOP PRESS*      Scroll Down for FOOPA Update on Lighting and Paving Renewal 6th Feb 2009  

Hard copy also available on the FOOPA noticeboard on the Co-op, Pembroke Road 


1. New Planning Applications

The following Planning Applications have been forwarded to the Council Planning Department since the last meeting. Any comments / objections should be sent to the Planning Department by the 2009 date indicated.



25 Blount Road.

(Re-submission of 08/01682/FUL )

Construction of single storey rear extension including balustrading and external stairs.

22 February


6 Nobbs Lane

Fell Conifer located at the front on the paved area serving 4, 5, 6 and 7 Nobbs Lane

20 February


Lingfield Court, Blount Road

3 Elm trees (T1, T2 and T3) crown thin by 30% and crown lift to 3 metres above the footpath and 5 metres above highway

8 March


2. Development Control Committee’s, Decisions


Co-op Supermarket 36-37 High Street

'Retention' of sound attenuation housing to rear.


28 January


3. Head of Planning Services, Decisions

The following decisions have been made by the 2009 date indicated:


2-8 High Street, Portsmouth Grammar School . New Science Block - Construction of part 2 / part 3 storey link extension, second floor extension after part demolition ...

Conditional Permission

13 February



Royal Naval Club & Royal Albert Yacht Club 17 Pembroke Road Construction of third floor addition to allow formation of two penthouse flats ...

Conditional Permission

11 February



4. Other Planning Information

  • Separate document posted below and on Co-op notice board regarding the Colas Lighting and Paving project in Old Portsmouth

 STOP PRESS**  FOOPA Update on Lighting and Paving Renewal 6th Feb. 2009  **STOP PRESS**

As you will know Colas have initiated a project to refurbish the lighting (some of which is over 40 years old) and paving in Old Portsmouth.  The first phase of this to replace lighting in the High Street unfortunately got off to a false start with poor and late communication to residents and also some new lamp-posts being badly sited.  We have had discussions with the Council and this note is to update you. 


  • Those posts incorrectly sited have been moved.
  • We need more lamp-posts to comply with lighting standards and this means
          there are posts in new positions.  If you think a post could have been better          sited by moving it slightly, then it probably couldn't be done due to the underground services, water, gas, electricity etc.
  • Other streets will follow on after the High Street. (See Appendix A).
  • When the lamp-posts are finished they will be in keeping and similar to some existing in this conservation area.  Although the project is considering addressing the odd anomaly of                    style, the economics are such that this project is not designed to make all the                    lamp-posts in Old Portsmouth look the same.
  • If tarmac is used at the base of the new lamp-posts, this is a temporary measure and the area will be made good as part of a re-paving project which will start when the lighting work is complete.


  • Wherever possible existing paving will remain untouched or be re-laid.  Colas have been asked to retain Granite and stone kerbs, wherever possible, even where the paving will be re-laid using Marshall Saxon paving (examples of which are outside the RNC & RAYC).
  • Whilst new paving (to replace broken ones) will probably look different from the historic ones, attempts to match them will be made using one of two types of natural stone paving. These will be available shortly for you to view outside the Garrison Church.
  • Where concrete paving exists then this will be replaced by Saxon paving.
  • The paving project will cover a number of roads in Old Portsmouth (Appendix B), and the project should be complete before the end of 2009.

Trial Excavations and Cellar Inspections

Before the paving project can start then even more holes will be dug - and be made good the same day.  These are necessary for Colas to confirm what lies beneath and also to investigate the best way of taking up the old paving stones consistent with least damage.  Again this may result in temporary tarmac.  Colas will shortly be carrying out a letter drop to certain properties in the High Street to advise them of the trial excavations.  They will also letter drop those properties with cellars in all of the affected roads to ask permission to carry out a condition survey of the cellar prior to the commencement of the works.  


As you may be aware the project has already uncovered an unexpected tunnel and I doubt if that will be the only surprise.   However now that we're aware of what is planned I think we feel more able to see things get worse in the short term - in the expectation that the end result will be an improvement. Any feedback re the letter drop please use the Colas contact in the letter.  

Old Portsmouth Lighting Replacement                 Appendix A
ROAD NAME                         COLUMN   LANTERN     6M    CAST   SIMILIAR TO
High St (Old Portsmouth)       Ornate        Victoria         29                   Broad St
St Thomas's St (Part)             Cast           Paddington              9           Oyster St
Penny St (Part)                       Cast           Victoria                   7           Penny St
Grand Parade                         Cast           Victoria                   1           Penny St  
Broad St (Part)                       Ornate        Victoria         5                     Broad St
Warblington St                       Ornate        Paddington    5                     Broad/Oyster St
St Nicholas St                        Ornate        Victoria         4                     Broad St
A' Becket Court                     Ornate        Paddington    1                     Broad/Oyster St
Battery Row                          Cast            Victoria                   1           Penny St
East St                                   Ornate        Victoria         2                     Broad St
Nobbs Lane                           Ornate        Paddington    2                    Broad/Oyster St
Peacock Lane                        Cast            Victoria                  3           Penny St
Pembroke Rd                          Ornate        Preston                               Pembroke Rd
Pembroke Close                     Ornate         Victoria         2                    Broad St
Seagers Court                        Ornate        Victoria         2                    Broad St
South Normandy                     Ornate        Paddington    1                    Broad/Oyster St
St Thomas's Court                  Ornate        Paddington    2                    Broad/Oyster St
White Hart Rd (Part)                Ornate        Preston                                Pembroke Rd.  



Old Portsmouth Paving Refurbishment                   Appendix B

High ST (Museum Rd - Pembroke Rd) *
High St (Pembroke Rd - Grand Parade) **
High St (Grand Parade - Broad St both ways) **
St Thomas's St (St George Rd - Nobbs Lane) *
St Thomas's St (Lombard St - Highbury St) *
Penny St (Pembroke Rd - Peacock Lane) *
Grand Parade - East Side (West i.e. sea-side under review) **
Broad St (West / Point Battery) **
Lombard St (St Thomas's St - A.Bar) *
Lombard St (St Thomas's St - High St) **
Warblington St *
St Nicholas *
* Marshall Saxon Paving & Conservation Kerbs
** Natural Stone & Granite Kerbs
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