'Old' Old Portsmouth Pictures - Phil Hanley 2010

Frozen Camber Old Portsmouth 1963? (Click On to enlarge)

Having been to the AGM, I thought the attached pictures might be useful. They are scanned and might have suffered a bit in translation. I am not sure of any dates. However the frozen camber must have been 1963.

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106 and 109 Penny Street

HISTORY OF 106 &109 PENNY ST. (John Huffel March 2009)

 In the mid 1700s, the corner of Penny Street and Grand Parade was the venue for 4 Freemason Lodges and “The King’s Arms” tavern, where the town’s principal merchants gathered to transact business.

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No 4 Broad Street

No 4 BROAD STREET (Keith Feltham February 2007)

No 4 Broad Street was the home of my grandparents and where my grandfather, George Feltham, had his boat-building business, G.A. Feltham and Sons, in the workshop behind the house. .

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Half a Century of Memories

HALF A CENTURY OF MEMORIES (Mollie Coleman February 2007)

Mollie Coleman took a trip down 'Memory Lane' recently to recall aspects of her life in Old Portsmouth from 1957 when she and her husband together with their four children moved here from Wickham.

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Buckingham House

BUCKINGHAM HOUSE: A brief history (Keith Feltham)


There are proposals to convert Buckingham House, on the High Street, into a small historic house hotel. Restoration is badly needed to preserve the character and features of this important building, which dates from the 16th century, and a new use for the property will facilitate this work and bring it back to life.

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