'Old' Old Portsmouth Pictures - Phil Hanley 2010

Frozen Camber Old Portsmouth 1963? (Click On to enlarge)

Having been to the AGM, I thought the attached pictures might be useful. They are scanned and might have suffered a bit in translation. I am not sure of any dates. However the frozen camber must have been 1963.

The Fraser and White coal bunker is still there where the car park now is and their offices were in what is now Quay House in the centre of the pic


I would guess that the IOW ferry picture was about the same time. This is the slipway just inside the Camber, probably not long after the one at the end of Broad Street went out of use (which according to the Wight Link's website was in 1961). How tiny the ferry seems - the Hilsea was built in the mid 30s. 



The High Street picture shows the tram lines. Even less sure of the date, although there were some buildings outside the Cathedral on the extreme left (where the lower grassed area is today) which went in the late sixties.



 Lion Terrace in this form is long gone, now being submerged by the University.




The colour picture of the towers dates from the first new year after the Spinnaker Tower was up and running.




Phil Hanley - Spring 2010